IKU - AV Mail

Antivirus Mail Security

AV Mail is integrated into the existing email system by SMTP. This means that viruses do not make their way into the network to begin with. Depending on the configuration, infected emails are deleted or quarantined. The form of notification of viruses found can be set.
+ Secure: Emails are checked on a UCS SMTP gateway
+ Fast: Receipt, checking and processing of emails by SMTP
+ Constant: seamless integration in email environment
+ Flexible: Delivery of emails to any systems (by SMTP)
+ Individual: Actions can be set: notification of recipient, quarantine or removal of the infected data



Based on proved technologies

AV Mail, developed for the Univention Corporate Server (UCS) operating system, can be integrated both into UCS environments and as a stand alone system in other environments (e.g. Windows).


Avira's award winning technology is used as the scanning engine. AV Mail installation is fast and simple, requiring minimal maintenance.

  AV Mail can be obtained in the UCS App Center.


Price list

Number of users from 10 from 10 from 50 from 50 from 100 from 100 from 500
Term 1 year 3 years 1 years 3 years 1 year 3 years  
AV Mail 25,- 50,- 19,- 38,- 17,- 34,- Ask for quote


All prices pre-VAT